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Browser Requirements Information

Our website is accessible by any modern browser. Our Mapping Application has certain requirements, please see below for details.

Please note that we do not support Internet Explorer v6.

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Please note that while we try and test every release in all supported browsers, it is not always possible to test each and every function and feature, otherwise we would not be able to release fixes and updates very quickly. Internet Explorer is usually the worse culprit, and for this reason we highly recommend using another browser as IE does not handle complex javascript applications very well.

Our mapping application requires JavaScript support. Most browsers have JavaScript enabled by default. If yours does not, please consult your browser documentation to find out how to enable it.

Your current JavaScript status: Disabled.

We recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. These browsers are more standards-compliant and robust than the popular Internet Explorer. Firefox and Chrome offer better performance for Web Applications.

Still have Problems?

If you still have problems using our Web Application or Website, then please contact our technical support team, who will be happy to investigate the problem. Please provide as much information as you can.


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