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Money Really Does Grow on Trees!

Earn money with Ancestral AtlasWhen adding data to Ancestral Atlas the depositor can choose whether or not to allow all or part of the data to be viewed by any other user of Ancestral Atlas (third party). Those that allow third parties to view the data can benefit from the opportunity to receive a commission payment. The commission payment is generated when the third party upgrades their registration status to subscriber level. At the time of their upgrade the Ancestral Atlas service will identify who deposited the data they have been looking at (it is assumed that the data is the reason a registrant chooses to upgrade to subscriber) and the depositor of that data will receive 10% of the net subscriber fee paid.

In order to receive this income the depositor of the data must also have upgraded to subscriber level and have a valid PayPal account whose details are registered with us.

Payments will be sent automatically to the PayPal account registered with us. The PayPal Account can be set up when upgrading to subscriber level on Ancestral Atlas. This is a simple form and payments will then be forwarded monthly in arrears to the account. Payments will only be sent when they have reached a minimum of £15.00 exchange.

The user is responsible for the administration of the account and Ancestral Atlas cannot be held responsible if the account becomes invalid for any reason.

Subscription benefits include:

  • Connect family events at the touch of a button with Life Maps.
  • Ability to contact and communicate with other subscribers and users via our secure messaging service.
  • Ability to receive commission payments from your data – if another user subscribes as a result of wanting to contact you after seeing some of your data, you will receive 10% of their subscription fee.
  • Removal of all advertising from the site.
  • Superimpose historical maps of Ireland (circa 1840) and US state and county boundaries (1790-2000) on top of the modern-day maps.
  • 1 year access to historical maps of the whole of Ireland (circa 1840) via Past Homes's web site (www.pasthomes.com)
  • Access to future services based on licenced data including historical maps and administrative boundaries for certain countries.
  • Ability to save searches – we will automatically notify you of any information that is added by another user that matches your saved search criteria. (Coming soon)
  • Ability to query the provenance of data. (Coming soon)


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